Mothering Children of African Descent

AAN Co-convenor Annie Stopford, Ph.D., has recently had an article published in the Journal of Pan-African Studies. Her article, Mothering Children of African Descent: Hopes, Fears, and Strategies of White Birth Mothers, features in the latest edition of the journal, which has the theme “Africana Mothering”. Annie based her article on interviews with white mums in Sydney. Congratulations Annie!

6 responses to “Mothering Children of African Descent

  1. i am an australian anglo, 26 yearold mother of a 2 year old half ethiopian girl.
    being her mother has been the scariest thing i have faced as a mother i also have a 5 year old australian uriguian daughter from a previouse marriage.
    my daughter destiny comes from a wonderful place that she may not no much about as ethiopians are very religiouse and unfortunetly tomy dvestation she was a secret.

  2. Can you pls send some information or article on the concept of mothering and mothering in African context.

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  4. Hi I live in Australia in N.S.W I would love to be in touch with an African family who would like me to look after a baby for them.
    I have African friends who will back me with good references.
    Love children
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