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  2. Unfortunatley it’s beyond the reources of AAN to organise a demo – but if we hear of one that’s planned, we’ll advertise it on this site.

  3. I was disheartened by the recent events surrounding African immigration. I would like to photograph African Australians as part of a project about being black in Australia. Often the fear of newness is caused by unfamiliarity. In his foreword to the Snap Judgements exhibition catalogue, Okwui Enwezor uses the term “Afro-pessismism” to describe the negative way black bodies are often presented in media. I would like to counter this through the creation of portraits, which disarm such negative assumptions. If you are interested in participating please contact me.

  4. Hi
    Please add us into your mailing list.
    Chris Gudu Music Management Team

  5. Kirsty McPherson

    as the very proud mother of a beautiful african-australian daughter i was so excited to come across your site!!!!!! My question is do you have members in south australia? If i could also be added to the mailing list that would be fantastic!

  6. Hi Kirsty, yes we’ll put you on the mailing list. So far we are just a NSW based group & sorry, we don’t have nay contatcs in SA. I’ll ask around for you.

  7. Raymond Carnation

    My name is Raymond Carnation I was a Philadelphia Police Officer in the USA and was fired for opposing racism in the dept. I along with two other white ex-officers have a Precedential case and was awarded 10Million Dollars.The case is Moore vs. The City Of Philadelphia. I hope you can support this case and do a story to let the world know how much work needs to be done and also to educate the public. Thank you for your time and concern. Yours Truly Raymond Carnation (267)231-8143

  8. how do we become a member? i am very interested in this site.

  9. Hi there- I am asking for any info that can assit myself and my moroccon husband- he is currently overseas and we are applying for a spouse visa but I am in need of some help with it pls? can someone pls email me and possibly stear me in the right direction? many thanks.

  10. Feeding The Mind, Challenging the Times


    The AfriQan Times Australia is HERE!! hit us up on facebook and follow us on tweeter

  12. Hi, I’m Aussie and my husband is Tanzanian and we have a 4 month old baby. We live at Dee Why NSW and would love to catch up with similar families/couples. We’d like to meet some friends who can relate to our situation. Please let me know if anyone lives around the Northern Beaches, and do you ever have your meetings around here? Thanks, Emma

  13. Hello!
    My partner, Chikuru showed me this website and we were both thrilled to discover that something as wonderful as this has come about. He and I have started a website similar to this called Mixed Couples Network (MCN). Just wondering if we could have joint activities running together. Please email us and let us know about what you think about the idea aswell as to keep intouch more.

    Thank you,

  14. I’m so glad to have found your website. I am in an internet relationship with a beautiful lady from Ghana and are trying to get a tourist visa for her to enter australia for our face to face meeting. This will then qualify us to apply for a partner visa. Could anyone assist me with the best procedure to follow.
    Thank you in advance

  15. Hi Evan,
    the info you need should be on the Dept of Immigration website:

    Our facebook page gets more traffic than this website so if you are wanting suggestions from people who’ve been through this process, it’s probably better to post your question there:!/groups/87083777349/

    All the best.

  16. Hello could you please help. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is Congolese (Republic of) can you recommend any registed migration agents that particularly deal with Australian visas for Congolese citizens. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you. Elise

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