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AAN survey results

In October 2007 AAN started an online survey. We wanted to know more about the challenges and needs of people in mixed relationships in NSW, and also what kinds of activities they’d like AAN to do. It’s a first that we know of in Australia.

75 people filled in the survey and the key issues that they named as important were lack of connection to African culture and community, cultural issues, and racism and prejudice. They were most interested in AAN doing picnics, and seminars on political and cultural issues.

39 of the people who answered the survey were currently in a mixed relationship and 20 used to be, and the remainder either were “just friends” or did not answer the question.  They represented 18 countries and all regions of Africa, and 24 different language groups.

56 women and 18 men filled out the survey. 21 were of African heritage and 52 were non-African. 36 were the parents of mixed children.

For more detail Download the survey results summary (PDF, 5 pages).

We are very pleased with the response, it has provided useful information which will help us as an organisation. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill it in. 

We will be keeping the survey online until the end of year because we are keen to get the views of more men and more African heritage people, so as to get a fuller picture of what people in mixed relationships want & need. So if you haven’t already, please do the survey, and/or encourage your partners and friends to do so too.

Do the survey online or Download the survey (MS Word) and email or post it back to us.

AAN receives Harmony Day Grant

AAN is the lucky recipient of a Harmony Day grant from Canterbury /Bankstown Council. On Thursday 20th March, AAN Treasurer Jill Sergeant accepted the $2,000 cheque, which will go towards two AAN events later this year.

The first event will be an information session for workers in the Canterbury / Bankstown areas promoting awareness of the AAN and mixed heritage family issues, as well as a consultation to inform the activities of the AAN.

The second event will be a family-friendly party for mixed Australian-African families and couples that also welcomes the participation of all Australians. The party will combine African cultural entertainment and food with information about AAN and other servces, as well as consultation with our communities.

Both events will probably be held in October/November 2008. Sign up for updates and/or apply for AAN membership so you can keep informed.